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Laws and regulations

We list below the main regulations in force (2018) as required by the Trentino Province with reference to fishing (subsequent variations must be checked with the proper office).
Each fishing Association has internal regulations which may be more restrictive and defines rules to follow in each area; these regulations are usually enclosed with the visitors’ license which can be bought at the below-listed sales points.


(L.P. 11 luglio 2018, n. 12)
In order to fish, you must be in possession of an up-to-date fishing license as well as a fishing permit issued by the concessionaire or the owner of the exclusive fishing rights.

The fishing license has an unlimited duration and is issued according to the current legislation and modes.
A fishing license is not required by:
  1. owners of a tourist permit (either daily or weekly);
  2. staff authorized by law to the capture of fishes for scientific purposes, notwithstanding the current bans;
  3. employees of concessionaire or the owner of the exclusive fishing rights, for environmental protection actions;
  4. everyone under 16 years of age, only if together with a fishing license owner.

The fishing license issued by an Italian region, the province of Bolzano/Bozen or any other corresponding document issued coming from a European country, is valid in the Trento province.
Upon request of surveillance officers who carry out checks, anglers must open portable containers or other means of transport, excluding those of private property like cars, caravans and the like.


(D.P.G.P. 3 December 1979, n. 22-18/Leg and subsequent amendments)


Fishing is not allowed in areas where this is clearly stated and where any activity whatsoever may damage or disturb the fish.
Fishing is allowed but without keeping the fish in areas where this is stated.
Trophy areas are those where a fixed number of fish can be kept above the minimum allowed by individual associations.


With the license or a valid id card it is possible to buy the visitors’ permit in the authorized stores.
The angler must write the date and the fishing area on the visitors’ book/permit. It is also mandatory to write down each time the number of salmo type fish caught (for other species this can be noted at the end of the day).


Fishing is allowed from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset.
If a lake, pond, or artificial lake is mostly covered in ice, fishing is not allowed in the said areas and also in their emissaries for a distance of 100 metres.
An angler must fish at a suitable distance, so as not to disturb, any other angler already on site.
Anglers must remain in the immediate vicinity of their equipment. Anglers with fishing boats must come to shore if requested to do so by the competent authorities.
Sonic aids are not allowed whilst fishing.
Fish caught in times of the year when fishing is not allowed or under-sized fish must immediately be thrown back into the water with care, even by cutting the fishing line, if necessary.


  1. In all waters you can use:
    1. A fishing net and grappling iron exclusively to release the fish already caught;
    2. fish as live bait if they belong to the following species: rudd, chub, loach and common barbell (unless not permitted by local associations).
    3. Artificial and natural bait, with the exception of fly larvae in running stream water;
    4. Bottles to catch a daily maximum of 50 sanguinerole to use as bait.
  2. You cannot use:
    1. electricity;
    2. explosives;
    3. inebriating and poisonous substances;
    4. harpoons;
    5. all instruments not mentioned in these rules.
  3. It is also forbidden to:
    1. fish using hands;
    2. fish using instruments which may hook the fish in any other part of the body apart form the mouth opening;
    3. collect macroinvertabrates (small animal organisms that permanently live on the water bed) to be used as bait in the period between 1st January and 30th April, which involves moving rocks and stones on the water bed.
  4. Please refer to internal regulations and individual associations for rules and regulations on means and methods of fishing in running stream water or stagnant waters.


Anglers cannot, in any case, catch morethan 5 salmonoids per day.
For numbers and minimum numbers that can be caught, please refer to internal regulations and individual associations.


  1. Fishing in running stream water is forbidden from 1st November to 31st January (with the exception of further restrictions made by individual associations).
    This measure does not apply to the waters of the Brenta from its origins to the bridge/station in Barco.
  2. Night fishing is allowed for eels, carp, tench, catfish (only in Caldonazzo Lake) in all stagnant waters in the period 1st July to 30th September.
  3. (With the exception of Point 2 of the regulations) underwater fishing is forbidden.
  4. The competent fishing office, having heard the fishing committee, can authorize the aquaculture to modify the minimum number or the periods in which fishing is forbidden for reasons beyond control or in specific environmental situations.

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