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On the hunt for culinary herbs

Learn to recognize wild herbs and (re) discover the tastes of a natural cuisine

When the snow starts melting and the first spring sunrays touch the ground, in the fields of Valsugana, Lagorai and Tesino many species of wild herbs start growing; herbs once used by our grandmothers for delicious traditional dishes.

How to recognize wild herbs

What better way to learn all the different species of wild herbs than put oneself on the line and start picking them up?
From April until Mai (depending on the altitude) take place in Valsugana and Lagorai several events centered on traditions and the knowledge of local uses.
Here some events* not to be missed:

*the dates might change due to the duration of the winter season and the weather conditions… subscribe to our newsletter to always be updated on the local events and activities!

Some examples of wild herbs and their use 

5 are the most known and used wild herbs can be picked up during the spring in Trentino; here you will find their names and some suggestions on how to use them in the kitchen:
  • dandelion (“dente de can” or “radicio” in dialect): delicious both in salads, together with boiled eggs, or cooked together with other herbs. Using the flowers, it is possible to make a honey-like syrup.
  • nettle: main ingredient of the traditional dish “strangolapreti alla trentina” (gnocchi), but also very tasty when cooked with other herbs.
  • silene (“sciopeto” in dialect): often used in risottos, it is very good when mixed with other herbaceous plants.
  • Hop plant (“bruscandolo” in dialect): this one is used in risotto as well or added to eggs in order to give some extra flavour to a frittata
  • Wild asparagus: bitter tasting, it is often used in salads or in risottos and frittatas

There are many more edible wild herbs in our fields… come and learn how to cook them all!
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