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The enchanting foliage

In autumn, Valsugana valley offers a variety of colours reflected in our mountains. Yellow, orange, red, gold!


The foliage in the heart of the Lagorai invites you to immerse yourself in the colourful nature of the trails. On carpets of yellow leaves of beech and linden in the paradise of the Val di Sella, to the gold of the larches along Lago delle Prese. The warm colours of acacia, birch and red cherry trees contrast with the clear waters of Lake Levico along the Strada dei Pescatori. The firs and larches offer gentle nuances along the Fradea trail in Castel Tesino, with glimpses of pastures and views of the valleys below creating a simple painting around every single corner. 


PRESE LAKE | Discover the route

A locality that can boast the presence of the magnificent and uncontaminated Lagorai chain, where trekking and walking are the order of the day even in the autumn period. Nestled in the woods above the town of Roncegno Terme, we find a real jewel, the Laghetto delle Prese. Also known as 'the emerald of the Lagorai', this small mirror of bright green water can be reached by a pleasant walk among small mountain huts and multicoloured woods that will take you to this enchanted place that is tinged with different shades in autumn. The mirror of water reflects all the autumn colours, creating a magical atmosphere.


VAL DI SELLA | Discover the route

Even in Val di Sella, in autumn, nature is tinged with fantastic warm colours. Don't miss the trek that takes you to Arte Sella, where you can admire the versatile open-air exhibition where art, nature and culture come together perfectly. A paradise in chlorophyll, Sella seduces anyone who approaches it. Every guest of the "blessed valley" is attracted by its imperceptible, sublime mixture of seemingly hidden elements that only few places can offer: harmony of space, form, light. It is an international exhibition of contemporary art, where the works are mainly made from natural materials and where the hand of man is only transient: what comes from nature will slowly return to it. Arte Sella is a spectacle that never ceases to amaze; open all year round, it reveals new nuances with every visit and the colours of the autumn foliage make a walk among the works an unforgettable experience.


STRADA DEI PESCATORI | Discover the route

If you are looking for absolute tranquillity, don't give up a tour of Lake Levico along the Strada dei Pescatori (Fishermen's Road) in the period when the heat and sun give way to the first autumn breezes, for those who want to spend a few moments immersed in this magnificent environment where they can relax and be amazed by the colours and reflections that are drawn on the lake. Approximately 10 km of dirt track along our small Trentino fiord represented by the mountains that stand out against the surface of Lake Levico, creating an evocative autumn painting. Starting from the public beach (Segantini Park) in Levico Terme, this itinerary does not require any special equipment, other than comfortable shoes and clothing, as it is entirely unpaved.

CELADO WALK | Discover the route

Passing through the Tesino dip, countless green fields surrounded by broad-leaved vegetation of the lower zone such as chestnut, hornbeam, alder, downy oak and ash trees provide a picturesque backdrop to this location in eastern Valsugana. The birches and beeches of the intermediate altitudes dominate unchallenged above 1400 metres, the starting point of endless trails towards the Brocon Pass and the Celado plateau. An ideal walk to refresh yourself in the crisp air of the Celado Plateau, a route for families and lovers of relaxing, undemanding hikes. A small plateau that hides a real treasure: nature and tranquillity. The route is distinguished by its scenic beauty and uniqueness, with panoramic viewpoints and views of the entire Tesino plateau, reaching the highest point of Monte Pasolin at 1270 metres, with green fields and small farmsteads forming the backdrop.


VAL CAMPELLE | Discover the route

The valley is one of the main access passageways to the Lagorai mountain range, one of the most sought-after destinations for lovers of uncontaminated nature. Water, the main element of Val Campelle surrounded by the surreal shades of the enchanting foliage: streams flowing along the valley a few steps from suggestive alpine lakes in the higher altitudes, ideal for walks in the red autumn.


Along these walks, come and discover all our local autumn products at the refuges and agritourisms


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