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St. Mary Church

Town: Pergine Valsugana
The first document that talks about the Church of Mary the Most Holy dates back to 1183, but there are many hints that lead the scolars to believe that it dates back to the Longobard period. Todays’ building belongs to the Sixteenth century, but the exact building date remains unknown. The bell tower was built in the period between 1511 and 1518. The facade how we see it now is the result of an intervention made in 1863-65 following the project of Prospero Strobele.

The interior appears like a courtroom with three isles, with the vaults that are kept up by 2 lines of 7 columns in red limestone from which nervations extend and end in the middle of the ceiling. 

The altars are interesting, for example the major one of 1752  in Baroque style, artwork of Giovanni Antonio Sartori of Castione of Brentonico.

Among the different canvasses, significant is the altarpiece of the major altar (1806) of Agostino Ugolini and those of the Guardian Angel and of the Most Holy Trinity (end of the 16th century) artwork of Jacopo da Ponte da Bassano. The pulpit, in Reinassance style, dates back to 1548.

Behind the main altar you can see the 16th century-funeral monuments. The Mayer organ dating back to 1908 has been restored and in part rebuilt by the Ruffatti brothers from Padova in 1990.
Built in red stone, in late-Gothic style, the church is dedicated to the Nativity of Mary Most Holy.

The people from Pergine have always called it “cèsa granda” (big church) to distinguish it from the many smaller ones of the town and its surroundings.

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