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Tommaso Maier Street

Town: Pergine Valsugana
Pergine Valsugana

The street named after Tomaso Maier, one of the protagonists of the reclamation of the Pergine Marshes, was once called "Contrada 'Taliana" as opposed to the "Contrada Todesca" (Via Cesare Battisti – Marcadel). This toponymic name was introduced in the sixteenth century and recalls the presence of the Italian and German group existing in the township, especially during the mining period (from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century). During the Council of Trent (1545 – 1563) the street assumed the Renaissance conformation that characterizes it: it is one of the best examples of that architectural typology that flourished in the Episcopal Principality at the time of Bernardo Clesio and then of Cristoforo Madruzzo. The street has an average width of about 10 meters, from which it also derives the toponym of "Via Larga"

Civico nr 39

The building dates back to the second half of the fifteenth century. The fresco above the portal is from 1760 and depicts 3 saints resting on brown clouds: in the center San Floriano with helmet, armor and a barrel in his hand; on the right St. Anthony holding a lily; on the left St. Francis kissing the crucifix. The coats of arms painted in the spacing of the windows of the second floor depict, starting from the left: the coat of arms of Ferdinand I King of the Romans (the single-headed eagle allows us to date it to the years before 1556, not being Ferdinand emperor until that date), the coat of arms of Emperor Charles V (datable between 1519 and 1556,  i.e. the period in which he was emperor), the coat of arms of the Prince Bishop of Trento Cardinal Bernardo Clesio.

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