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Fort of Leone - Cima Campo

The fort, at an altitude of 1512, was part of the Brenta-Cismon barrier and was built by the Italians between 1906 and 1912. The role of the fort was beating the mule tracks that climbed from Valsugana to the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni also providing shooting coverage throughout the surrounding area for a radius of 12 km.


The fort dominates a long stretch of the middle part of Valsugana and offers wide views towards Monte Grappa, the Pale di San Martino and the Altopiano di Asiago. It was in line with the Fort of Cima Lan, towards Arina-Lamon (completely destroyed and now surrounded by vegetation) and opposite the Fort of Cima Lisser above Enego on the Asiago plateau (also seriously damaged and today "invaded" by the ski lifts of the ski resort of Enego 2000).

It is a specific fortified structure, built according to the most "modern" canons of the war of position at the beginning of the century (such as the well-known austrian "Forte Belvedere" of Lavarone).

It was never used in battle because it was cut off from the front following the events of Caporetto.

In 1917 when it would prove useful, the fortress was devoid of artillery. Originally the armament included 6 cannons of 149/35 in steel rotating domes, another 6 pieces of 75/27 in casemate and in country positions and 17 machine guns.
In the days of the Italian retreat a Battalion of Alpini of the Monte Pavione asserted itself inside the work, to oppose resistance for two days, delaying the Austrian advance and supporting the structure of the new Italian line on Monte Grappa. The damage to the structure is attributable to the Austrian explosions just before the armistice and to the raids carried out in the post-war period to recover the ferrous material. 

The fort has been restored by the Municipality of Arsiè thanks to a project funded by the European Community.


How to get there:

Direction from Castello Tesino towards Celado, pass the Col della Cimogna (restaurant "il Cacciatore"), and continue; at the restaurant "da Bettin" you can park and walk east for just over a km to Malga Campo and the fortified site. You can also continue by car to Malga Col di Gnela and here take the gravel road on the right that leads to the back of the fortification.

Alternatively, from the square of Arsié, in the direction of Col Perer. Once you arrive at the homonymous locality (about 11 km) turn left and after about 5 km. at the end of the pine forest, take the gravel road that branches off from the main road, past the old housing of the garrison, you arrive at the esplanade behind the work of Forte Leone where you can park without difficulty.


To learn more: 
Luca Girotto, 1866-1918: Soldati e fortezze tra Asiago e il Grappa: storia ed immagini dello sbarramento Brenta-Cismon dal Risorgimento alla prima guerra mondiale, Rossato, Novale di Valdagno (VI) 2002, pp. 41-46.


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